I keep hearing about laser eye surgery. If I were to have it done, would I still need to wear glasses?

Maybe… There are several types of laser eye procedures, ranging from refractive (enabling a person to be less reliant on glasses) to vision-saving (for various diseases / disorders). Refractive laser surgery often does allow a person to discontinue eyeglass and contact lens wear, usually for many years. PRK and LASIK are the two most common refractive laser procedures performed at the present time. Both are very effective at re-shaping the front surface curvature of the eye, by removing just the right amount of tissue from the cornea. Although these procedures are per- formed commonly and can be quite effective, not all people qualify. Also, there can be side effects, which include eye dryness, halos / glare around lights, possibly still needing reading glasses, and occasionally regression of effectiveness over time. For the right person, refractive surgery is a wonderful option. I feel blessed to live in a country and time with the options we currently have.

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