Anti-Reflective CoatingAnti-reflective Coating (ARC): When you look at a high quality camera lens, you will note a purplish sheen to the surface of the lens. This is an Anti-Reflection (ARC) Coating which is baked on the lens. This same anti-reflection coating is available for your glasses. This coating reduces reflections and glare from lights by over 80%. This feature is particularly useful when driving at night, when there is a multitude of streetlights and car lights that are reflecting off the surfaces of your lenses. Glare while driving or while on a computer can create a lot of visual discomfort.

Another cool feature of ARC is that it is “Hydrophobic.” This means that water beads up and rolls off much better than without, giving much better vision is wet conditions.

The final feature of ARC is that it also has the hard coat finish built into it. This gives your lenses the same hard finish as the Hard Coat listed above.