I was recently diagnosed with “dry eyes” and was told to use artificial tears several times a day. It seems that shortly after using the drops, my eyes feel dry again. Is there a treatment that might work better?

Yes!!! There are several options far superior to artificial tears! Artificial tears essentially act as a lubricant, but their benefit is short-lived, and they don’t treat the root cause of your condition. It’s important to note that treatment needs to be specifically tailored to your case, depending on the cause – whether it be hyposecretory, evaporative / inflammatory, auto-immune mediated, or other. Some of my favorite treatment modalities include warm compresses followed by expression lid mas- sage, fish or fax oil supplementation, oral doxycycline, topi- cal steroids, topical immunomodulators (Restasis), punctal occlusion (blocking the tear drainage system), and in some cases therapeutic contact lenses.

Chronic dry eye can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Come see me today; I can help. At Eye Care Professional Center, you will feel the difference.